What is the difference between a planner and a designer?


Great question! A planner deals with all of the logistical elements of an event whereas a designer deals with all of the aesthetic elements of an event. Logistical elements include hiring vendors, creating schedules and making appointments. Aesthetic components include designing flowers, lighting, stationery and tabletops.

So… are you a wedding planner? 

Weddings by Image offers wedding planning (and planning for all events) services, but Kimberly is a designer. We are one of just a very few event companies that integrates both planning and design because we have extensive experience in and excel at both. Kimberly started her career as a planner and while she oversees all the planning of every event on the calendar, she has trained her team to execute all of the planning tasks so that she can focus on the development and execution of her one-of-a-kind designs.

Can I hire you separately for design or planning?

​Yes and no. You can hire us just for design, but you cannot hire us just for planning. We must be involved in the design of every Weddings by Image Event.

Do you offer wedding day coordination service?

​Unfortunately, we do not. We believe strongly in being part of theconceptualization of each of our events prior to being part of the executionof them. You can see a full list of services here.

Do you have a budget minimum?

Nope. But, we will tell you if, based on your needs and wants, your budget is realistic for how we work and what we do.

My venue has a list of required florists from which I must choose. Can we still work together?

Absolutely! While we can insure the best value and style when working with our own production team, we are very happy to work with outside teams as the circumstances dictate.

I am already working with a wedding planner. Can I still hire you for flowers and décor?

Yes! We love to bring the pretty to every party and would be thrilled to partner with your planner to make it happen.

What types of events do you do?

We do it all. While most of our work with Weddings by Image is related to weddings, we do many Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, holiday celebrations, corporate parties and non-profit galas under our parent company The Image Collections. Visit our parent company website for more information on our collection of services. www.theimagecollections.com 

Do you travel?

You bet – and we love it! We are based in Raleigh, North Carolina but have worked all over the US and Canada. We can even work with local crews for destination events to give you a truly authentic experience.

Kimberly: do you do everything yourself?

Not a chance! I have an amazing team who supports my visions and helps me bring them to life. In addition to my office staff who work with me on a daily basis and assist with the planning duties, I have a roster of design pros including floral and lighting designers, illustrators and graphic artists as well as a production crew who do everything from build walls to sew linens. But, my name is inheritant in the brand of this firm, so I will always be personally involved and invested in every single event that we do – guaranteed.